Godzilla:king of the Monsters Movie Review


Most Hollywood visual extravaganzas, be it disaster epics or superhero fantasies, thrive on the same theme — a few sacrificing people struggling to save the world against all odds. Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters is no different. It reproduces the same survival logic that (Marvel’s villain) Thanos endorses. Destroy half of earth’s population for a better tomorrow. They try to achieve this by unleashing various gigantic radioactive monsters. Apparently they deserve to rule the world as they came here first.

Even if you choose to overlook the script that’s littered with daftness, the predictability is hard to ignore. A loud background score doesn’t hold attention. It only screams for attention and that makes the film even more difficult to digest. The reverence for Japanese monsters, especially the atomic lizard as if it were a pet and will do what is expected out of him is hard to buy.

The only aspect that goes in the film’s favour and keeps you awake is the epic scale fights between the good and the bad monsters. The dysfunctional family subplot, uncalled for sacrifices hold no relevance in the bigger scheme of things.

If you get a kick out of watching disaster movies involving massive creatures, you can watch this one while munching on some popcorn. Despite the plot’s blatant stupidity, the visuals showcasing destruction of epic proportion and the terrifying arrival of King Godzilla offer some solid jump scares.

Overall, this clash of the titans tale is forgettable and cliched. Every time any character harps on ‘symbiotic relationship between monsters or restoring the nature’s balance and human-monster coexistence’, you want Godzilla to fart on them so that they stop talking.


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