The Stolen Princess Movie Review


At a time when good animated films are churned out primarily by big-ticket studios, it’s refreshing to see an animated film like ‘The Stolen Princess’, not made by some Hollywood behemoth, done well in 3D. Based on the fairy tale Ruslan and Lyudmila by Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin, ‘The Stolen Princess’ is Ukrainian 3D animated fantasy film that tells a simple story in a delightful manner. There are no epic twists and turns as it’s a classic tale of love conquering all obstacles, but the way the characters are fleshed out and the light humour present throughout the film makes it a fun watch.

Made on a lean budget, the film’s animation is rendered refreshingly well; something Indian studios must take note off. While each frame is not packed with multiple characters and complex graphics, the animation standards are up to the mark. The land of magic, where the princess is held hostage, has been rendered rather well. Ancillary characters like the cat that transforms into a huge beast, and the bird and hamster that help Ruslan on his quest break the monotony in the story and keep the action going. There are some truly funny scenes including the epic pastry fight that stands out.

The voice acting is top notch and so are the dialogues, and the film can be enjoyed by kids and grown-up’s although the latter may find their attention wavering as there are some dull moments. Still, the film hits all the right notes and does a credible job in making you believe that love, after all, is stronger than magic.


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