Early Man Movie Review


With the sole intent of winning back their valley from conniving tyrant Lord Nooth, Dug and the cavemen chief Bobnar (Timothy Spall) set out on a very topsy-turvy mission to acquire their ancestral property by beating their nasty opponents from the Bronze Age in the game of football. The hindrance? A cold opponent of a king, who is armed with a plethora of skilled players, and their own long history of losing at the game they had originally invented.

Just like any other animation movie, ‘Early Man’ is visually exciting and there is always a new element of surprise awaiting you every few minutes. But, coming from a genre that usually promises fun and frolic, and caters to the younger lot, this film falls flat on the humour front, sans a few punch lines.

Also, the uncanny (script) resemblance to one of our very few Oscar honours, which had cricket as its game of conflict between the weak and the powerful, is too hard to brush off.

Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne are classic in their respective parts, Maisie Williams is personalble too. But, Nick Park could have taken this film to another level had he worked on the humour bit a little more. Also, the recurring theme of this movie seems to be brotherhood and stresses upon the importance of team spirit: both of which look forced and barely even there.


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