Renegades Movie Review


The legend of Nazi gold has often caught the fancy of writers ever since World War II. This time, it has caught filmmaker Luc Besson’s attention who wrote an action film on it. The scale of the film is impressive as it starts off with a money shot that has our renegades leveling out half a city as they escape with a contingent of soldiers in hot pursuit. They don’t take orders too well, and when they get a chance of disobeying orders for a bit of a personal gain, they dive at the chance.

While action films are known to have incredible over the top plots, the plot here is a bit too far-fetched to wrap one’s heads around it. When the renegades find out that there is 300 million dollars’ worth of Nazi gold lying at the bottom of the lake in a war zone, they hatch a daring plan an defy armies of two countries, in a war zone, to bag the treasure . While their plan is interesting, the way they are shown executing it, is dreary. Scenes depicting the team procuring the diving equipment, boats and a helicopter are made to seem so easy. In good heist-films, like Ocean’s 11, the preparation bits are as much fun as the final heist itself. Here, they are almost speed the whole process which takes away a lot of the fun.

As far as the action scenes are concerned, there are some very incredible effects used, especially in the scene where a dam is blasted off. The underwater sequences are neat however the twists are weak and totally guessable. J.K Simmons as the amused superior is a treat to watch and so is Sullivan Stapleton as the SEAL team leader. His team though, don’t have their characters too well defined; all they do is shoot very well.

If you are a fan of OTT action films, ‘Renegades’ is almost-palatable.


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