Truth or Dare Movie review


When spring break starts, Markie Cameron (Violett Beane) cajoles her best friend Olivia Barron (Lucy Hale) into joining their gang in Mexico for a two-week vacation. On their last night, the already inebriated bunch of kids looks for more alcohol when a random stranger at the bar-Carter (Landon Liboiron) offers to take them to an abandoned missionary, in a secluded area, with the promise of providing them with unlimited booze. Once in, Carter suggests they play the game of truth or dare and that’s exactly when the paranormal and at times fatal incidents start taking place.

‘Truth or Dare’ is one of those horror-thriller flicks you wish weren’t made in the first place. The fright element in this Jeff Wadlow-helmed movie is laughable and so passé. Characters come in and out of demonic possession randomly and everything about the paranormal elements is far away from evoking terror—the ghostly sounds are a constant reminder of the ludicrous 90s horror films, the actors have acted badly, the writing is predictable and dragged beyond imagination. The background score only makes the movie feel even more juvenile and insipid.

All in all, ‘Truth or Dare’ is recommended to those who love to have a good laugh while watching horror flicks. If you expect some nail-biting and scream-filled moments from your horror flick, then you will be mighty disappointed. This game of truth or dare is better left unplayed.


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