Robin Hood Movie Review


Most people are aware of Robin Hood’s story, and how the outloaw took from the rich and gave to the poor. It has also been made into a movie several times, the last one starring Russel Crowe in 2010. So, it would take something refreshing on the part of filmmaker Otto Bathurst to make the story exciting. While he has nailed the casting, with Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx in leading roles, a slow-paced storyline robs the film of any excitement. Given the fact that this is an origins story, there could have been more to Robin’s tale. Instead, the filmmaker assumes you know Robin’s backstory. Because of this, it gets tough to believe or relate with Robin as you accompany him on his tedious journey two-hour-long journey. .

Academy award winning actor Jamie Fox seems completely wasted in his role as the Moorish commander who trains Robin. The entire training sequence could have been made better. What we get instead is Robin magically picking up superlative archery skills. Taron Egerton as Robin Hood seems to be the only actor whose performance is enjoyable, maybe because he has the best lines. Ben Mendelsohn as the evil Sheriff is not one bit menacing.

The best part of the film is the chase sequence involving a horse chase; a violent and edge-of-the seat spectacle that runs for almost ten minutes. Besides that, the action is unbelievable. No number of enemies are too much for Robin, as Rajinikanth-like he keeps shooting an endless stream of arrows from his quiver. Their final heist, also, is dull and uninspiring which leads to a weak climax.

While the filmmakers have kept enough room for a sequel, producer Leonardo DiCaprio will have to be one brave guy to make a second film. He’d much rather get better writers and consider another reboot.


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