One Plus 7will provide a fast and smooth experience to us; Info at official trailer


After several months of wait, OnePlus has finally teased its next-generation flagship smartphone. The company took to Twitter to publish a teaser for its next-generation flagship smartphone, which is known in the world of leaks and rumours as the OnePlus 7. In fact, tipsters have leaked information about the OnePlus 7 to such an extent that OnePlus itself has nothing surprising for its followers. The leaks have already speculated that OnePlus will be coming up with two new models – a standard OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro.

Keeping the leaks aside, the teaser that OnePlus shared conveyed a lot about the OnePlus 7. While the company boldly stated that the user experience will be extremely smooth and fast, the teaser revealed a lot more than that. The company already spoke about making some changes to Oxygen OS a few weeks ago with inputs from its community members. The Snapdragon 855 chipset is more than enough to ensure smoother user experience and OnePlus could only work on animations to make the experience buttery smooth.

However, if you have been keen on understanding the teaser deeply, here are all the easter eggs OnePlus has revealed in its first teaser for the OnePlus 7.

The new thing spotted in the One Plus 7’s official trailer

The company is boldly claiming a fast and smooth experience. Pete Lau stressed on the fact that a smooth experience is the “true test of software and hardware”. Cross-referencing it with the latest OnePlus 7 leak, Pete Lau hinted towards the 90Hz display on the OnePlus 7 Pro. We have seen a smoother user experience on mobile devices with higher refresh rates. The Asus ROG Phone came with a 90Hz OLED display while the iPad Pro’s buttery smooth animations can be praised due to its 120Hz display. OnePlus could be going for the 90Hz panel and combined with fast animations of Oxygen OS, it will make for smooth user experience.

–The teaser shows the device from the edges. If you have noticed carefully, the edge of the device curves. The leaks have suggested that OnePlus 7 Pro will come with curved edges on its display, similar to Samsung and Huawei flagships. The teaser shows exactly that, thereby confirming that a curved edge display will indeed be making it to the OnePlus 7 Pro.

–The image of the device also weirdly shows the top edge that also appears to be curving towards the edges. This supports the fact that this device will indeed have a fullscreen display with no interruptions from any kind of sensors. Therefore, the OnePlus 7 Pro will indeed have a pop-up selfie camera. The earpiece also isn’t visible, which means that OnePlus could use the vibrating display technology similar to the LG G8.

–The massive banner that states fast and smooth has also a lot to give out. The word “Smoooth” clearly emphasizes on three “O’s”. While the animation is reminiscent of the waiting animation you will see on some messaging applications. However, the triple O’s also suggests the presence of triple camera setup. The leaks have suggested the OnePlus 7 Pro will host a triple camera system and OnePlus could be hinting towards that.

OnePlus hasn’t announced a launch date so far but the leaks have already suggested a launch date of May 14 in India. If the leaked information has indeed come from a reliable source, then we could be seeing more teasers from OnePlus over the coming weeks.



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