New Night Mode update available in Samsung Galaxy S10….. Its really useful to users….


South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has just started rolling out a new update for its Samsung Galaxy S10 devices in the market. As part of the new update, the company is finally rolling out a new “night mode” in the camera of the device. This new update comes weeks after the initial plans of the company working on this new mode surfaced online.

          It seems Samsung has simply spun out the Bright Night feature into a separate Night mode, so the quality of photos with Night mode active is the same as it would be with Bright Night doing its thing.

          However, the highlight with this update is that you can now take photos in Night mode anytime you want. Instead of the phone deciding when to take long exposure shots, which was rather problematic considering the feature only kicked in when it was extremely dark.

The dedicated Night mode is not being called Bright Night, but SamMobile reports that the quality of the photos between the two are the same. The benefit with having Night mode is that you will be able to manually choose the long-exposure feature for capture brighter and sharper. Low-light images at any time you like rather than having to wait for the feature to kick in.          The new update is yet to arrive in any country other than Switzerland, but the rollout should expand in the coming days.  You can also keep checking if it’s available by tapping Download and install in the Settings » Software update menu from time to time. we’ll update this post once more markets start receiving the update.

Hopefully with a dedicated Night mode, the Galaxy S10 gets a much-needed boost in low-light photography. At the time of writing this story, the update did not reach our Galaxy S10+ review unit.


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