Simple Health Habits in daily life..

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1)Eating well is all about what you eat, as well as how you eat it. Instead of gorging on food in front of a computer or TV screen, find some time to make lunch time more peaceful and less rushed. Focusing on what you are eating may help tame the nasty habit of overeating.

2)Flossing your teeth will improve the health of your gums, the freshness of your breath, and the overall hygiene of your mouth. I bet you’ve heard it a hundred times before, but if you’re still ignoring it, now’s probably the best time to consider the advice. And did you know it has also been found to help prevent heart disease?

3)We spend a great deal of our days looking at screens. This may cause a strain on our eyes, especially if this is done for a long time. This rule says that we should take a 20 second break every 20 minutes by looking away from the screen into a distance of 20 ft (6 meters).

4)If your office is too far away to get there on foot, you can still create a reason to use your legs a little more than usual. By getting off the bus or train one or two stops early, you will be able to enjoy some fresh morning air and reap the physical and psychological benefits that walking offers.

4)Herbal teas can be beneficial for several health-related matters, including energy, sleep, and digestion. Pick the ones you need the most and get into the habit of sipping on them instead of your morning coffee.

5)If  you’ve spent a whole day looking at a computer screen at work, do your body a favor and disconnect for some time, especially before you sleep.

6)Are you aware of the way you are sitting at your desk at work? Make sure your computer is positioned the right distance away from your eyes and your table is of the perfect height. Take a look at this ergonomic guide to avoid developing posture problems in the future.

7)If you’ve found some time to cook a healthy meal, why not double the portion and leave some for the coming days? Pre-preparing healthy food from days before has been said to encourage you to eat healthier, as it saves you from having to prepare it every day.

8)Make the most out of the day’s sunlight and the outside air by taking your lunch break outside, instead of staying in the same building for hours. Apart from giving your eyes and nose a break, you’ll also be boosting your mood and increasing your productivity.

9)Veggies are just as important as fruit are, and although we might not consume them in the same way, this smoothie provides an easy way to do so. Ensure your veggie intake by preparing some processed greens, including spinach, cucumber, chard, and kale  – and leave some for tomorrow!

10)Stay hydrated throughout your day by keeping a water bottle on hand. Opt for the more durable glass or steel ones, rather than those made of plastic.


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