American President “Donald Trump” Wants 6G Network For His America ASAP, it Doesn’t Came over

President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address, at the Capitol in Washington, Feb. 5, 2019. (Doug Mills/The New York Times)

US President Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday urging wireless carriers to deploy 5G and ‘6G’ networks in US ‘as soon as possible’. However, the sudden spur of the President’s tweets in support of the next-gen wireless telecom advancements was sneered at, as 6G technology does not exist, yet.

Trump tweeted, “I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible. It is far more powerful, faster, and smarter than the current standard. American companies must step up their efforts, or get left behind.”

In the urgency to move ahead of times, the US President prodded American tech companies to step up their efforts, warning them that they would be left behind if they didn’t adapt to the future technology. He further said that there was no reason for America to lag behind on something that is ‘so obviously the future’.

Trump’s tweets came after reports that surfaced last year which claimed that the US government considered developing its own nationally run 5G service, out of the fear that “China has achieved a dominant position in the manufacture and operation of network infrastructure.” Recently, President Trump was considering moves to keep Chinese tech company Huawei away from 5G in the US Some telecommunications companies worry that too strict a crackdown will bring price hikes or disruptions in supply.

However, Trump’s tweet is at odds with the actual US policy which says that he wants the United States to win through competition, not by blocking out currently more advanced technologies conflicts was in conflict with reports of his government blocking out Chinese companies from rolling out 5G equipment in the United States.

Earlier in March last year, Trump blocked Broadcom Ltd from acquiring Qualcomm Inc, the biggest maker of mobile phone chips, on concerns that the merger would help give China an edge in the race to develop 5G.

He concluded by saying, “We must always be the leader in everything we do, especially when it comes to the very exciting world of technology!”

The President, however, was trolled on Twitter with many pointing out that the technology he was trying to signal at, was still a decade away as one user pointed out ‘progress is what is needed’. The user also took a dig at Trump and wrote, “That’s why we need to embrace progressive politicians, not Conservatives who think 1950 was America’s hayday.”

Another user demanded changes in the 1996 Telecom Act and said that a better nationwide fibre network deployment and backhaul infrastructure changes were the need of the hour. Slamming Trump ‘as soon as possible’ tweet, he wrote, “This isn’t just a simple ‘get it done’ situation.”


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