‘Cats’: Taylor Swift and James Corden’s roles revealed as full cast is announced


Taylor Swift and James Corden’s roles in the forthcoming Cats movie have been revealed after months of guesswork.

The singer, who joined the cast of Tom Hooper’s adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic in July, will play Bombalurina, Deadline reported following a full cast announcement by Universal and Working Title.

Bombalurina, a flirtatious female cat, is best known for singing the song “Macavity” (as a duo on Broadway and as a solo in the West End version).

Corden, meanwhile, will play Bustopher Jones, a smart, well groomed cat with a song named after him.

The announcement means the veil has been lifted on two of the main roles that remained under wraps. Jennifer Hudson had previously been revealed to be playing Grizabella, which the studios have now confirmed.

Rebel Wilson joined the cast last month as Jennyanydots, while Idris Elba was previously announced as Macavity, the “Napoleon of crime” who always escapes after committing a misdeed.


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