5 Easy Way To Get High Marks


1. Allocate Appropriate Time:

Before you begin, allocate time for every question. Few of the questions will need more time than others. Allot the time accordingly i.e. always allot your time to each question based on the marks fixed to it. For instance, if one question is of 15 mark and another question is of 20 mark, then you should definitely dedicate more time to the latter question.

2. Balancing Your Writing:

Illustrating too much for questions that do not need lengthy answers results in an apparent scarcity of time for other remaining questions. Similarly, if you write too little for questions that requires elongated answers, you will end up missing main points or details of an idea. Invariably, the result will be loss of marks. But at the same time, if you balance it out well you’ll apparently get higher marks in exam.

3. Use “Paragraphing”:

In case of long answers where you need to write in paragraphs adapt the method of paragraphing. After every three or four points, a new paragraph should commence. In addition, where there is an association of points, the following paragraph should begin with a transitional word like, ‘Consequently’, ‘Therefore’, ‘Nevertheless’ etc. To get a good command over the language, one should read as many books as possible.

4. Handwriting:

The majority of the students take the value of handwriting very lightly. They do not understand that it is handwriting which brings in some extra marks. Yes, if your handwriting is neat, viable and easy to read then the examiner unconsciously or consciously checks generously and you get a few extra marks by the virtue of your good handwriting. Intelligibility counts and it is always appreciated and favored. Clear handwriting is indeed a way to get that high scores in exams.

5. Concentration:

Make sure that you are fully attentive while writing the exam, both physically as well as mentally. Avoid any sort of distraction. Don’t look here and there and focus mainly on your paper. Also carry every necessary item with yourself so that you don’t have to ask as it may disturb others as well as your focus on the topic.


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