NFL would reportedly want Kyler Murray to choose between baseball or football, not try to play both


Kyler Murray has stated in the past that he would like to play both baseball and football professionally “if possible.” 

According to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle, the NFL isn’t keen on that idea. 

Henry Schulman and Susan Slusser, who cover the Giants and A’s respectively, reported Wednesday afternoon that Murray will have to pick between the two sports due to “the demands of learning and playing quarterback in the NFL.”

That is inline with what’s Jim Callis told SportsDay by phone Tuesday night. 

“There’s no shot,” Callis said when asked about the possibility of Murray playing both sports. “I just don’t see how that’s possible … as a hitter, you need at-bats. If he’s an NFL quarterback, he’s got to be in training camp in July. Well, how is that gonna work?

“As a hitter, you need 500 at bats a year. I think a quarterback-hitter would be a disaster because you wouldn’t get enough at bats. You wouldn’t be devoting enough time to either (sport), it would probably be a disaster.”

There are a few options for Murray. 

  • He could declare for the 2019 NFL draft and not receive the remainder of his signing bonus from the A’s.
  • Murray could opt to report to the A’s for spring training and begin his professional baseball career, turning his back on football
  • Option No. 3 is outlined in this story. Murray could report to the A’s this spring but leave baseball in time to return to Oklahoma for the 2019 college football season.

If he chooses option No. 3, his future could be up in the air until the summer. 


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