Android Q: With Google Chrome set to get dark theme



Google has inadvertently confirmed that it is bringing dark theme to Chrome on Android. The search giant accidentally revealed that it is adding system wide dark theme to the next release of Android, likely to be called Android Q. Even if Google adds a dark mode to the entire system, the experience won’t be as intuitive until all the apps support the feature. In order to drive adoption and offer seamless dark menu, Google is bringing the dark theme to its web browser as well. The search giant is reportedly planning a “dark mode experiment”, which could be in line with the dark theme available on Chrome for Windows.

This upcoming feature was posted to the Chromium Gerrit and was first spotted by 9to5Google yesterday. The Gerrit only confirms that the feature is coming but we don’t know anything else. Once implemented, the feature will be available first through an additional build flag at compile time and subsequently triggered via a new “enable-android-night-mode” flag, as per the commit’s associated “About Flags” change. The commit states:

[Dark] Add build flag and experimental flag
This patch adds a build flag and an experiment flag for the dark mode experiment. It will exclude the night-resources in the build for now.

The possibility of this becoming a user-facing feature anytime soon is rather slim, and we might have to wait till the release of the first beta of Android Q to see dark mode on Chrome for Android. It is also not known how Google plans to handle web content that might conflict with the theme. A dark grey interface for black text on a white page won’t make much difference and Google will need to redo the entire interface to offer a truly dark mode on its popular mobile browser.



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