WhatsApp Gets A New Update: 5 Cool New Features


Since its inception, WhatsApp has been considered as one of the most reliable messenger services for smartphones. This messenger app has been constantly gathering new members and, after its acquisition by Facebook, the app has been known to be developing at a rate faster than anyone ever imagined. Over the whole year in 2018, the app was subjected to a lot of new features that made it more engaging for its users. And in 2019, the messenger service will eventually get lots of bigger upgrades to keep existing users happy as well as keep drawing even more users to the platform. Many of these features have been known to us through leaks and rumours. We take a look at all that’s about to come at WhatsApp.

5 features WhatsApp will get in 2019

1. Fingerprint lock/unlock

2018 was a tough year for WhatsApp on the privacy front. A few leaks suggest that the company is working on a fingerprint lock/unlock option for the app to secure user data. The users will have to authenticate their identity every time them come into the app. In case a fingerprint is put, WhatsApp will ask for the phone’s passcode or password to unlock.

2. Dark mode

Dark modes have become very popular over the last few years and if reports are to be believed, WhatsApp is set to get it as well. The mode would allow users to reduce the strain on their eyes while using the app in darker ambiance. The feature is also expected to improve the battery life of smartphones.

3. Media preview

As of now, the users have to open the chat and play the video or image to check media. But, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that would allow users to check media files including photo, video or GIF, directly from the notification tray. For this, the users will only have to expand the notification tray.

4. Consecutive voice messages

Voice messages have been popular among WhatsApp users ever since their introduction. But, the users had to separately tap on every single voice message sent in order to listen to the contents. However, the new feature would play the next voice message automatically after the chosen one is finished.

5.  Sticker search

Last but not the least, the most popular WhatsApp feature of 2018 is about to get better too! WhatsApp will soon allow users to search Stickers via text. The feature will benefit users who use WhatsApp Stickers.


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