1.Presenting Yourself in a Smart Manner

Take a few days or weeks to look at yourself and how you present yourself to others. You know your friends like you but how are you seen by your boss, your teachers or strangers on the street? Look at your physical appearance and also your mental take on things.

  • Take a digital photo of yourself each day in your different outfits.

    2.Wear dress shirts sometimes to mix it up.

  • Buy shirts that are cut to fit your body type. Look for lengths that are appropriate, not too short and not too long. Plan ahead and don’t go reaching into the back of your closet for your old styles when the seasons change.

    • Girls and ladies should look for pieces that appear tailored and flatter their good features. Don’t hide under bulky sweaters and sweatshirts but look for tailored looking pieces. Get a combination of short and long sleeve. If the fit is good you can mix it up with fun colors and trendy prints.
    • Guys should wear appropriately sized shirts. Add variety by choosing fun colors. If the fit is good you can really mix it up with fun colors and trendy prints
    • 3.Wear shoes that are undamaged

    • that fit well and that can be polished (unless suede). You can get some well made shoes

      with fun colors that enhance your look and make you look polished while still keeping your personality

      • Men should invest in a few pairs of shoes both in black and brown. Again, look for shoes that can be polished and aren’t worn out.

        4.Wear quality eye-wear.

.Get your eyes checked if you haven’t in a while, can’t see from the back of class or get headaches when you read or spend too much time on the computer.

If you need glasses you should shop for a neutral colored plastic (brown, tortoise shell or black) frame or a metal frame.

If you wear more silver jewelry, get a silver frame.

If you don’t need glasses, then you can get non-prescriptions ones but you do run the risk of being teased if you’re caught. Glasses are a commitment. Instead of getting contacts and fake glasses just don’t get the contacts. Go with glasses for the most studious look

5.Realize you can still keep your personality and style.

If you tend to dress in a frumpy manner, or older than you really are, you’ll need to let go of your comfort zone and be willing to try something new.


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