• Try on every item before buying it – and ask your friend to check you out from all angles! Don’t rely on marked sizes – they are only a rough guide.
  • In general, the bottom of your pants (trousers) should touch your shoes, long-sleeved shirts should cover your wrists, and the bottom of your shirt should hit your hips. Even underwear must fit well!
  • Be prepared to try on several items for each one you end up buying. If a store doesn’t have something that looks great on you, go somewhere else – don’t just settle for something that looks OK.
  • Don’t buy clothes online – you won’t have tried them on first, so they are unlikely to fit well. Also, without trying them you won’t know whether they will look good on you (even if they look good on the model in the photo!)
  • Don’t try to hide your body. Whether you’re embarrassed about being too large or too skinny, trying to cover it up with baggy clothing only makes you look worse. You don’t have to wear clothing that’s completely form-fitting, but it shouldn’t sag or leave too much space.
  • If you can’t wear sizes off the rack, find an inexpensive seamstress or tailor. Maybe you have thin hips but long legs, and you can’t find a pair of jeans that accommodates both. Buy clothing that’s slightly larger than you need, and find someone to take it in so that it fits your measurements. Most dry cleaning businesses will do alterations for a fair price.
  • Get rid of old clothes. You might love that old T-shirt from high school, but it probably doesn’t fit well anymore. Clothes and your body change size and shape over time. Even if they still fit, clothes that are more than two or three years old are probably starting to look tired or out of fashion.


Poorly-applied makeup will make you look worse, not better. If you have a tendency to over-apply, experiment with wearing natural-looking makeup. To accentuate your eyes, you should also learn how to properly shape your eyebrows.

Less is more. With make-up the minimalist look will almost always set you up as appearing more good looking than if you go out in 3 miles (4.8 km) of foundation and a bus full of mascara.

Sometimes make-up can take care of facial hair, sometimes it can’t. If you have dark hairs that you want covered, consider getting them waxed off, using a depilatory cream, or plucking them.


Choose something that will flatter your face shape. Don’t keep your hair long if you’ve outgrown the look; you might be reluctant to cut those hard-earned tresses, but you’ll be amazed by how chic and revitalized you look with a shorter ‘do.

And if you don’t believe in the power of a bad haircut, just do a quick Google search for your favorite celebrities. They often easily go from a smokin’ 10 to the bottom of the barrel for a role – and sometimes just with a haircut.


Self-esteem can give you an incredible makeover. To start, improve your posture to project confidence – a sullen sloucher never looks sexy, regardless of how genetically blessed you may be. While you’re at it, learn how to connect with people through body language so that you look more approachable, too. Confidence is the ultimate sex appeal.


For good posture, throw your shoulders back and your chin up. Keep your eyes straight ahead of you, not on the ground.

For approachable body language, keep your arms uncrossed and head up, not buried in your phone.

Walking around with a constant frown is like wearing a “Keep Away” sign. Even a little smile will brighten your face, making you look friendlier and, thus, more attractive. What could be more inviting and approachable?

A genuine, beautiful smile is the answer. Beauty doesn’t come from your looks – it comes straight from your facial expressions and body language. Be graceful and happy, but don’t look too fake. Otherwise people will assume that you’re trying too much.


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