Samsung may be working on a low-light camera mode called Bright Night


Low-light photography in smartphone reached new heights in 2018 thanks to phones like the Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Note 9 with a variable aperture feature. But Google may have bright something truly special right towards the end of the year with Night Sight on the Pixel 3. Night Sight offers some incredible low-light photography that has set a bar going into 2019. It’s no wonder that we are now hearing reports that Samsung is working on its own Night Sight-like feature, which is reportedly called Bright Night.

Bright Night seemingly works in the same fashion as Google’s Night Sight, Oneplus’ Nightscape or Huawei’s Night Mode. All these night modes essentially stitching multiple photos into one, resulting in brighter, more detailed photos with low levels of noise. The strings discovered by XDA seems to suggest a similar method. As per the, Bright Night will prompt you to hold the phone steady for a few moments after hitting the shutter button so that the low-light image offers better detail. This is a prompt you will see on other night mode phones as well such as the Mate 20 Pro.

Google’s Night Sight feature may be the most well-known, but similar features are available on other devices. OnePlus calls theirs “Nightscape,” Xiaomi calls it “Night Scene,” Honor has “Super Bright Mode,” and Huawei simply calls it “Night Mode.” Most of these camera modes take a similar approach: They take multiple pictures and combine them into one picture that is much brighter, shows more detail than a typical low-light photo, isn’t overexposed, and doesn’t rely on the LED flash. That’s exactly how Samsung describes their new “Bright Night” feature.

The Galaxy S10 series may be the first to get Samsung’s new Bright Night feature when it is announced presumably in the second half of February, 2019. The Galaxy S10 will be highlighted for its cameras if rumours are true that the regular Galaxy S10 will offer a triple camera system and the Plus-sized model will offer a quad-camera system. The Galaxy S9-series and the Note 9 already offer some stellar low-light photography with dual aperture, so it will be interesting to see how Bright Night will improve things on the Galaxy S10.


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