Remove Dark Circles Around Eyes – Home Remedy



Cucumber is a very good astringent and skin toner. Grate cucumber in a food processor or by hand and squeeze the juice out. Dip two cotton balls in it and apply in on the dark circles on the eyes. Leave it for some time before removing. This not only relaxes eyes but removes dark circles

Healthy Diet

A diet full of nutrients can reduce the dark circles around eyes. It is believed that iron and mineral deficiency can cause the area under the eyes dark. If you wish to treat dark circles, first fulfill your iron deficiency. Add more green leafy vegetables to your diet s they are rich source of iron.


Drinking plenty of plain drinking water about fifteen glasses per day is also an effective remedy.


A sound and undisturbed sleep is mandatory to reduce black, dark circles. Paleness and darkness around eyes becomes more prominent if you are not getting enough sleep. You are advised to remove make up around eyes before you sleep. Lack of sleep, late night outs, stress and eye make up contributes in making the skin dark around eyes


Potato instead of cucumber can be taken and the same process can be applied to remove dark circles


Raw milk is also a good remedy to reduce under eye darkness. Place cotton balls dipped in cold raw milk on your eyes to get rid of dark circles. It will moisturize the skin round the eyes making it look supple and soft.

Tea Bags

Dark circles can be reduced with the aid of cold tea bags. Place the used tea bags in refrigerator to make them chilled. Now, treat your darkness around eyes by placing these bags over eyes. Lie down and rest for some time in shade. Avoid lying down in sunlight as this can extract moisture from tea bags. Tea bags can get you rid of puffy eyes and dark circles.


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